Saturday, 15 May 2010

Do I Panic Yet?

I am currently doing a project in uni that is site specific and based in Trellisick Gardens in Cornwall. We have all had since before the Easter Holidays to develop and make our pieces, but yet again 2nd year Contemporary Crafts frustrate the tutors and dont appear to have much done a week before the private view. I am very much included in this statement. The exhibition opens on 21st May, (friday). I made the first component of my piece yesterday, (friday the 14th). I dont think it has hit me yet that we only have 3/4 days to finish this. No matter how many times i tell it to myself or how much the tutors tell me, "Well Fucking hell. Good Luck", It still doesn't get through my head.

Anyway, i can get it done, it is just a lot of work with every day thi
s week in the studio until 9pm.

These are the main buds. I know they dont look very pretty at the moment. But they will be. They are quite sharp and seeing as they are meant to be for people to put their hands in, im going to have to seriously sort that out. I even got a metal splinter in my arm from one of them. I have quite alot of work to do.

So why am i not panicking? I can't tell you that, as i dont know myself.

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